Responsible Gaming Policy

At VegasGems, we are committed to responsible gaming, and we take this issue very seriously. While most players can play responsibly, there are a few that can develop serious gaming addiction. Therefore, it is our responsibility to protect those players from developing uncontrollable gaming problems and help them avoid financial as well as mental issues that they might face due to this condition.

1. Defining Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming is an approach that has been created in order to save players from developing compulsive gaming problems. This approach not only aims to prevent gaming addiction but also serves as a great tool to protect player’s mental and financial well-being.

2. Importance of Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming is very crucial for both online casino operators as well as players. This approach contributes to creating a safe, fair, and transparent environment where players can enjoy their favourite casino games without facing repercussions of compulsive gaming.

3. Warning Signs

Below are the most frequent warning signs that players need to consider regarding gaming addiction. If you have any of these symptoms, you need to get help immediately and stop all gaming activities until you can play responsibly.

  • Being unable to stop playing or reducing your gaming activities
  • Obsessive thinking about online casino gaming
  • Continuing to play casino games despite the negative consequences
  • Withdrawal symptoms when you stop playing
  • Needing online casino gaming to improve your mood
  • Asking for financial assistance from your surrounding
  • Denial in terms of compulsive gaming

4. Tips for Responsible Gaming

There are a few tips that you can utilize if you want to avoid compulsive gaming issues or know someone who suffers from gaming addiction.

4.1 Tips for Responsible Gaming

One of the first steps to take towards responsible gaming is understanding the risks that are involved. You need to know that online casino gaming is not a quick and easy way to make money by any means. Generally, players lose more than they win. Therefore, it would be better if you had realistic expectations while considering that luck can be unpredictable at times.

4.2 Tips for Responsible Gaming

Budget planning is very important in order to avoid compulsive behavior while gaming.
Before you start playing, you need to set limits in terms of your deposit amount as well as betting range which you can follow. Once you set the limit, you need to stick to it and never add more funds to your account if it exceeds that limit. Also, never play casino games with borrowed money and never bet more amount that you cannot afford to lose.

4.3 Tips for Responsible Gaming

Just like budget planning, setting time limits is also crucial to ensure responsible gaming.
Before you start playing, it is advised to set a time limit. Strictly adhere to that daily limit, and do not let casino gaming take most of your valuable time that you could spend on more productive things.

4.4 Tips for Responsible Gaming

Players who follow responsible gaming rules should not let gaming activities affect their daily life negatively. If you feel like the casino gaming intervenes with your work, education, relationships, and physical as well as mental health, please consider this tip. In this case, re evaluating your daily habits and setting limits can be helpful.

4.5 Tips for Responsible Gaming

You need to remind yourself that outcomes of most online casino games are based on chance and there is not a single game where you are guaranteed to win. After you play and lose, you need to accept them and move on. If you chase losses and continue playing recklessly, you will lose even more funds in the long run.

4.6 Tips for Responsible Gaming

If you show signs of compulsive gaming, you need to stop playing immediately and seek help. There are many organisations, support groups and hotlines through which you can reach out and get necessary help to fix the problem as soon as possible.

5. Underage Gaming

Prevention of underage gaming is our top priority at VegasGems. We understand the risks involved and work tirelessly to detect and prevent those players from accessing our gaming content. No one under 21 is allowed to register an account, deposit and play at VegasGems.